We're a hybrid media and software company that helps you achieve your financial and life goals. The idea for Summary Financial was based on a simple statistic that I once read back in the early 2000' that said, and I'm paraphrasing here, "the majority of Wall Street Journal (WSJ) subscribers are wealthy individuals." The question I had was are they wealthy because of the WSJ or were they already wealthy and they just happened to read the journal? Over the years I've come to the conclusion that those individuals were already wealthy and used the WSJ as a means to keep abreast of what was happening.

I wanted to flip this on its head. What if there was a resource similar to WSJ, but for millennials? One that actually helps you reach your financial goals, not just by providing information, but the tools, knowledge, and services to help you get there. That's what Summary Financial is. It's basically an experiment. We're building a service we would love to have had access to. It's a mix of learning and development, news and information, and software, with a bit of going down the rabbit hole. Ultimately, we want you to be your own financial advisor.